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PION - Advanced (60 ECTS)

Your postgraduate programme (Advanced) consists of an innovation internship (40 credits) and an personal study programme with courses comprising at least 20 credits. You put together your own programme based on the competences you wish to develop. In addition, you can choose from courses across all participating universities.

One of the main benefits of the programme is that it includes so much more than technical courses. It also pays attention to cross-cutting fields.

Whereas the advanced courses allow you to specialise in a specific technical field, the cross-cutting courses are aimed at developing your personal, entrepreneurial and innovation skills.

Programme setup


Innovation project
2x20 ECTS

You work on innovation projects (40 credits) in a company of your choice. You can choose between

            • one long project, for the duration of a full academic year, in a single company
            • two short projects, each lasting one semester, in two different companies


    MIN.  9 ECTS

    Courses on innovation, entrepreneurship & professional skills

    You select a minimum of
    9 credits
    of courses on innovation, entrepreneurship and professional skills, in consultation with your coach

    MIN. 3 ECTS

    Technical expertise courses

    You choose 3 credits worth of technical training courses.These are field-specific technical courses needed to support your innovation project. 



    This is an additional offer from all participating universities to broaden your knowledge and skills.


    By taking behavioural and/or personality tests you’ll get better insight into where you need to hone your skills or knowledge more.