Innovation project


The innovation project


An in-company innovation project is organised within an organisation, and is executed by one or two students. During the internship, you work on an innovative project in the organisation’s (international) working environment.

You can choose from:

  • Full track (60 ECTS), where you can choose between
    • One long project, for the duration of a full academic year, in a single company
    • Two short projects, each lasting one semester, in two different companies
  • Short track (Foundations - 29 ECTS), where you work on one short project.

You can select a project from our list of available projects or suggest your own.

Project database

You can find a list of all the available projects in our project database.

You can only access the projects database after your application for the postgraduate programme has been approved. You will receive your login through your programme coordinator.

Check out some of the innovation projects of our current students and alumni on the right, and follow our Linkedin page for more interesting student experiences!

AB Inbev_Tom
Space Applications Services - Richard
BAO Living - Jesse
Ingrizo - Adriaan
Jan De Nul - Aron

Innovation project vs thesis

Different points of emphasis

The postgraduate programme focuses on innovation and implementation from an entrepreneurial perspective. From this perspective, your innovation project distinguishes itself from a Master’s thesis, which focuses on scientific research and design instead.

The innovation project goes one step further by developing and implementing a project design.

International dimension

We promote innovation projects outside Belgium. This provides you not just with valuable work experience but also with a wealth of life experience. If you are interested in a one-semester innovation project in Europe, this can always be arranged through partner universities. You can also apply for an Erasmus placement grant for graduates.

If you prefer a project outside of Europe, there are several generic grants you can apply for. Bear in mind that finding a project outside Europe is not as straightforward and requires more preparation. The faster you start looking, the better.

Contact us early on for more information on international projects and to find out if you are eligible for a grant. 

If you choose an internship in Flanders, there is a good chance you will end up working in multicultural environments or on international projects.