Student profile

Why choose this postgraduate programme?

  • You will get a unique introduction to the industry by means of an innovation project.
  • You can put together an individualised training programme geared to your own interests.
  • You will receive intensive one-on-one coaching from working professionals.
  • You will get the chance to actually develop and implement an idea (maybe your own), either on your own or as part of a team.
  • You will develop technical skills as well as innovation and professional competences.
  • You have a clear idea of your future professional career and can immediately move into a higher position.

For whom?

Future engineers

Are you on the verge of graduating or have you already graduated as an engineer? You will be in a better position to make the right career choice and to enter the job market at a higher level after this postgraduate programme. 

Tuition fee

The postgraduate programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in engineering is largely financed by the participating companies. For this reason, you do not pay an increased tuition fee. As a result, the number of places in the postgraduate programme is limited. The tuition fee is the same at all universities and amounts to:

  • EUR 979,60 for the full track of 60 ECTS (in academic year 2022 - 2023).
  • EUR 604,50 for the short track (Foundations) of 29 ECTS (in academic year 2022-2023)

Non-EEA students (without Flemish degree) need to apply in advance. 

You are entitled to child benefit if you enrol for at least 27 credits (and if you fulfil all the other legal conditions). You are not entitled to a grant for a postgraduate programme.

This amount may be different for students with an adapted programme (combination with a Master’s, students who enrol in February, etc.). To find out the exact amount of your tuition fees, please get in touch with the coordinator of the postgraduate programme of the university where you enrolled.

Interuniversity programme

The Postgraduate Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in engineering is a joint programme of KU Leuven, UGent and UHasselt. There is a clear demand from businesses, organisations and institutes of higher education for a smoother transition from education to the job market. The innovation projects aim to ensure that students are better prepared for the practice of their profession. The postgraduate programme allows students to gain practical experience in their field or as entrepreneurs. Aside from technical engineering skills, the programme mainly focuses on the development of innovation competences and enterprising, innovative and professional skills.