Short track - Foundations

The postgraduate (Foundations track) consists of an in-company innovation internship (20 ECTS) as well as an individual course package of at least 9 ECTS. You can compose your own programme and choose elective courses based on the competencies you want to further develop (following the guidelines of the university where you enrolled.)


Short track - Foundations (29 ECTS)

Programme setup



Innovation project

You search an innovation internship in a company of your choice, where you will work on an innovative project.



Courses on innovation, entrepreneurship & professional skills

You select courses for at least 3 credits from the list below, in consultation with your coach.



Recommended courses

You complete the rest of your individual course package with broadening and deepening courses from the offer of the 3 universities. 


You can also combine the Foundations track with your master's programme. You have the possibility to take the innovation internship and elective courses throughout the 1st semester, the 2nd semester or divided over a whole academic year.


By taking behavioural and/or personality tests you’ll get better insight into where you need to hone skills or knowledge more.