Solar Bike

The Solar Bike

The French organisation The Sun Trip wants to demonstrate new forms of mobility. Every year, they organise an adventurous trip for vehicles powered solely by a combination of solar energy and manpower. The Sun Trip Challenge team develops its own vehicle and participates in the 2019 edition.

A robust, efficient solar bike design is quite a challenge. The challenge is to equip a suitable chassis with pedals, engines (with or without regenerative braking), drives, solar panels, inverters, battery packs,... and to optimise the performance of this whole within the constraints imposed by the sun trip organisers.

Riding along in the Sun Trip with its international field of participants, consisting of about 50 teams, is an adventure you can never forget.

Concept of the bike and competition:

  • every 2 years a long distance race with hybrid vehicle (human-sun)
  • e.g. 2018: Lyon-Canton 12000 km
  • a maximum of 550 watts of solar panels
  • a battery capacity of up to 1.1kWh
  • a free design of bike, motor, drives
  • not allowed to recharge during the trip, except by means of sunlight.
  • regenerative braking is allowed
  • only allowed to drive between sunrise and sunset

More info

Jean Piere Goemaere, (coach)

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