Start-up project

Is entrepreneurship in your blood and would you like to know what it’s really like to run your own business? Then choose a start-up project.

You have one or two academic years to develop a business plan as a student, starting from one or several ideas, with the aim of starting your own business.

Do you already need to have a specific idea in mind? Not necessarily, but you will need a lot of inspiration and an open mind to find a good idea! In addition to this, you’ll always need a serious dose of perseverance and an entrepreneurial attitude.

Discover our new tool, CONNECT-ID, in which we create a marketplace for entrepreneurial ideas and enterprising people. Who knows, you might just find the missing inspiration for your entrepreneurial project, or discover a young startup who wants to expand their team with an entrepreneurial student, or publish your project and find a partner with whom you can do business.


Start-up project

You will follow in the footsteps of several other (successful) engineers including:

Christopher Hex

“In my opinion, the main result is not the business plan or the fact that our company seemed to be evolving in the right direction. I think what counts is the mindset of stepping out of your comfort zone, of continuing past the point where others stop and being open to change.”

Thomas De Moor

“The Techstars framework is happening and is amazing. I will be living in New York for three months and I will be surrounded with the best people on all sort of skills. But most of all I will carry this experience with me my whole life and I will be able to apply the learned skills to my own start-ups and project. The value of these three months will be enormous!”

Entrepreneurs should probably start during their studies

Because as a student, you do not have any major obligations in terms of time and money yet. Moreover, this gives you more time to discover what you want and are capable of as an entrepreneur.

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