Team project

Team Project

A team project is organised within the university, with a team of students. You spend one academic year working closely with your team, developing an innovative project on campus. KU Leuven, University of Antwerp and VUB all offer one or several team projects.

KU Leuven team projects

The KU Leuven currently has six team projects, in which students of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering Postgraduate Programme can participate. The team projects are organised on one or several campuses of the KU Leuven. The students work closely with industry professionals.

All the teams - except for the Solar Team, which recruits every two years - are looking for new team members every year. Apply here for one or several of the team projects.

Contributing to a team project: 1 or 2 years?

Combining a Master’s programme with a postgraduate programme (advice)

Most students combine their participation in the team project with their Master’s programme. This allows them to work on the team for two years. They often combine the theme of their Master’s thesis with the team project, allowing them to link this to practical research.

Postgraduate programme after the Master’s programme

Students who wish to follow the postgraduate programme after their Master’s are also welcome to participate in the team for one full academic year.


CORE is a cooperative of innovative engineers who develop and support projects on efficient and sustainable energy use.


FLACRA designs and develops autonomous and cooperative robots to support different sectors in an innovative way.


The AETHER-team specialises in the construction of mini-satellites designed to perform ground breaking experiments in outer space.


Every year, the engineers of Formula Electric Belgium develop and build an efficient green electric race car for one driver.


Innovived is a team that focusses on addressing challenges in the biomedical field with the aid of 3D (bio)printing technologies.


Being creative with modern-day social, medical and environmental related problems with the help of genetic manipulation. Compete in the largest and most prestigious competition in synthetic biology in Boston, USA.


The Solar Team is building the Belgian Solar Car and is participating in the World Championship for solar-powered cars.


This team develops a vehicle powered by solar energy and manpower to participate in 'The Sun Trip Challenge'.


RoboMaster is a robotics competition designed to pit university students against each other in the ultimate battle of engineering, strategy, and teamwork.

University of Antwerp Team projects


The Smart Environments team project is developing applications and use cases on Smart Cities and Smart Environment using hardware prototypes. The use cases combine business models and hardware/software implementations. The project focuses heavily on the start-up of spin-off initiatives for these smart environment prototypes.


Building a technologically advanced and innovative boat, which can use energy efficiently.

Team project VUB

VUB currently has one team project in which students in the  Postgraduate Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in engineering can participate.



Our goal: to design, develop and build an electric formula-style racing car. To compete against other university teams from all over the world.

Our motto: "Built not bought!

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