Examination regulations and ombudsperson

Examination regulations and ombudsperson


Examination regulations


Interuniversity examination regulations for the postgraduate programme.


Exam ombudsperson


The exam ombudsperson is responsible for all situations in which problems arise in the context of exams. Example:


  • Serious force majeure during the exams
  • A long-term special situation
  • A scheduled exam cannot take place due to force majeure, affecting a lecturer
  • You have a legitimate complaint about an exam or want to object against an exam decision
  • You are accused of fraud or plagiarism at an exam.


Contact the ombudsperson of the programme in that case:

Ghent university

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering


There is at least one ombudsperson for every faculty.



University of Antwerp

Faculty of Applied Engineering


Rafael Berkvens


+32 32 13 79 41



Faculty of Engineering


There is an ombudsperson for the faculty.

KU Leuven

Faculty of Engineering Technology


Katleen Lodewyckx


+32 16 30 10 42



Hasselt University

Faculty of Engineering Technology


Sofie Knoops


+32 11 29 21 31



Lara Wijremblewski


+32 11 29 21 81





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